Love Child - Know It's Allright
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Love Child - Know It’s Allright

Love Child - Company
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lookin’ inside lookin’ outside

lookin’ for company

stares into another world its never meant to be

if you believe in right and wrong than you’re never really free

it’s not exactly true but you know what i mean

sitting waiting hesitating now he starts to dream

remembering companions of the psycho seventies

then he grew up to be 30, 60, and 14

suddenly the timeframe slips beyond his memory

lookin’ inside lookin’ outside

lookin’ for company

it isn’t love it isn’t fate isn’t chemistry

one day when he settles down he’ll close his eyes and see

a horizontal figure in a mood for company

lookin’ inside lookin’ outside

lookin’ for company

Bad in Bed - Company (lovechild cover)
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cover of the song company by the band lovechild if you look up #lovechild on my blog i think the original should pop up i uploaded it a while ago

Bad in Bed - Meant to Be
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my new solo project called BAD IN BED because it’s bad and i made it in bed the songs called meant to be and it’s about when stuffs not meant to be its kinda sad but theres a rippin guitar solo

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I just did the dopest thing!

Mixing this fucking record